I was born in İstanbul 1980.


’98 graduated from Istanbul Anatolian Fine Arts Highschool, art department.

’04 graduated from Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts Faculty, Graphic Design Department.

 Work Experiences;

’02-’06 worked as an illustrator for several publishing house.

’05 worked as a graphic designer for few months with Ayşegül Özmen and Ayşegül İzer Drahşan. (Be Positive Design) 

’06-13  worked as a 3d modeller, texture artist and composition artist.

13-15 worked as an art director at Tv kids channel. I designed, illustrated and shot videos for seasonal ID graphics.

Currently I’m working as a 3d modeller, texture artist, concept designer, illustrator and graphic designer.  I am also working on my  personal illustrations which you will see on my website.


Reading, writing, watching, travelling and playing ukulele… 

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